Autism Coaching

Embracing Neurodiversity is our sister site that focuses on autism coaching. Here you can find courses you can enroll in and complete at your own pace, courses taught live, one-on-one and group coaching, community, and other resources to help you along your path.

For most of my life, I struggled to figure things out on my own. Through trial and error, I learned how to make my way in the world, socialize with other people, moderate my sensory needs, reduce overstimulation, increase my executive functioning skills, and so much more.

I read countless self-help books and implemented many strategies that made a big difference. What had the biggest impact, however, was working with a one-on-one coach. My coach offered me deep healing, unwavering support, accountability, someone to share anything and everything with, and new ways of being in the world.

It was never difficult for me to learn new things, but I often didn’t know what it was I needed to learn. I also thrive off of direct instruction, rather than trying to learn things through experience alone. Often, I need an explanation of the experience to really learn and benefit from the lessons life has to offer. This is where coaching is very effective!

If you are ready to find out how autism coaching can help you, head over to Embracing Neurodiversity and learn how to Consciously Create Your Life!

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