Autistic Perspectives is a blog designed to help autistic people overcome common challenges based on the lived experience of autistic people. Learning from people who have overcome the same struggle we currently have is a great way to make progress on your path. Who better to help you along than someone who has been there, struggled, and broken free to the other side where the struggle is transformed into wisdom and personal growth?

My name is Leanna. I struggled greatly with autism for most of my life. In the last 7 years, I have been on a journey of self-discovery and intense personal transformation. I have hired therapists and a coach of my own. I have read dozens upon dozens of self-help books and implemented what I have learned. I have participated in many in-person and online trainings to improve myself and to learn how to better help others.

I went from being lost and confused, believing I was unlovable and deeply depressed to a life that is full of love, joy, confidence, and action toward creating the life I want. That isn’t to say I don’t still have challenges. I believe there is always room to learn and grow. Our challenges present us with opportunities to overcome and grow as people.

Now when I encounter challenges, I strive to pick out every good I can from those challenges so I can continue to expand my awareness and become the best version of myself I can be. It is an ongoing process that I expect to continue throughout my entire life. I have gotten to a point where I feel inspired and compelled to help others who may be yearning for direction and someone to lend them a helping hand like I once was.

Photo of Leanna, Author of Autistic Perspectives Blog

My Background

I grew up one of 7 children in quite a chaotic household. This was difficult for me as I longed for peace, quiet, and order. I struggled with depression from a young age and sought help when my level of suicidal ideation frightened me and felt like there was no other way out of my misery than death.

I listened to my children playing and wanting me to join, but I just couldn’t. I knew I needed to get help to be the type of mother I wanted to be and that my children deserved. I was 32 when I finally sought help.

My experience with autism isn’t just from being autistic. I also have one diagnosed autistic child and taught special education for 12 years. In any given year, approximately half of my students were on the spectrum. I have my own personal experience, experience raising an autistic child, and experience in a professional setting with autistic students.

Professional Qualifications

I have earned a master of science in special education and taught in public schools for 12 years. In addition to that, I am a certified AsperCoach through AANE, Asperger/Autism Network. This program focuses on choosing a few goals with your coach and making a plan/receiving coaching to reach those goals. This program is great for people seeking short or long-term help with specific obstacles in their lives.

I am a trained health and wellness coach through IIN, Integrative Institute of nutrition. This program teaches a more holistic approach that examines all areas of a client’s life, including career, finances, health, home cooking, home environment, physical activity, social life, relationships, and spirituality (or your inner world if spirituality isn’t your thing).

Services I Offer

I want to help as many people as I can, no matter their level of income. Because I do not have enough time in the day to help everyone on a one-on-one level, I have created this blog to offer tips and suggestions from my own lived experience as an autistic person, a mother to an autistic child, a teacher to many autistic students, and a coach to autistic clients. I am also in the process of building affordable online courses that will have the option to be taught in a group with support, or on a self-study basis.

Because many people prefer watching videos rather than reading blogs, I will be expanding my reach to Youtube in the near future.

For a more in-depth overview of my journey to an autism diagnosis, in which I cover key incidents growing up, read this post.